Radar, laser, ultrasonic, rf, paddle wheel, vibrating fork, plumb bob, tdr, magnetic level gauge, float, magnetic switch, thermal dispersion level controlsfor bulk soilds & powder measurement

Dust Bags And Cartridges, Liquid Bags and Cartridges, Filter Vessels

AquaMetrix products have served the wastewater market for more than five decades.

Remanufacturer of Rosemount & Foxboro instruments, fisher control valves.  2 year warranty.

Ph, Orp, Conductivity, Do, Turbidity, Suspended Solids Sensors

Tube Fittings: Brass, 316 S/S

Level controls for liquids and solids; dry flow & dust detection controls

Butteryfly Valves (Manual & Automated), Actuators (Pneumatic & Electric), Positioners, Limit Switches


Control Instruments For Low Pressure Air & Gases, Mercoid Pressure Switches

Actuators (Pneumatic & Electric), Full Line Of Industrial Carbon & Stainless Ball Valves, V-Port Control Valves, Multi-Port Ball Valves, & Tank Bottom Ball Valves; Trunnion Mounted Ball Valves, Media Containment Caps, Steam Jacket Ball Valves

Full Line Of Carbon & Stainless Ball Valves

Gas detectors, sensors, alarm controllers, flame detectors, process monitors, calibration supplies, power systems

Control Valve Replacement Trim, Fisher, Masoneilan, Valtek


Instrument, Check, Relief & Regulating Valves


Solid Flow Measurement & Dust Measurement


Compressed Air, Gas Analysis, Vacuum Pump & Filter Regulators


Liquid Level Sensors, Transmitters, Indicators, Sanitary & Process Systems

Magnetic, Coriolis, Variable Area, Vortex, Ultrasonic, Viscosity Measurement Flow Meters, Radar & TDR Level Controls, Temperature Transmitters, Analytical Instrumentation PH, ORP, Conductivity, Turbidity, Dissolved Oxygen Sensors

Industrial Process Gauges, Bimetal Thermometer & Wells

Actuator & Controls, Resilient Seated Butterfly Valves, High Performance Butterfly Valves, Manual Worm Gear Operator, Declutchable Gear Operator

Filtration & Equipment Specialists

Remote monitoring solutions, landfills, waste water, water plants, industrial

Manufacturer of ball valves and specialty valves including Sanitary, Block And Bleed, Tank Bottom Valves For The Chemical, Pulp & Paper, Pharmaceutical Industry, Steel Industry, Food And Beverage to name a few

Calibrate and Troubleshoot Control Loops and Process Instruments with a patented “one of a kind” Loop Diagnostics and Leak Detection

Digital Panel Meters, Gauges, Scanners & Annunicators, Industrial Wireless

Industrial Temperature, Pressure & Test Gauges; Bimetal Thermometers, Sanitary Gauges, Thermowells, Chemical Seals, Thermocouples & Diaphragm Seals; High Visibility Gauges


Condec Pressure Instrumentation, Pressure Calibrators & Regulators

Innovative measuring and control technologies solutions for flowing media

Pressure & Temperature Regulators; Steam Seperators & Traps; Control Valves

I/P Transducers; P/I Transducers

High Quality Check Valves, “Y” Strainers, Basket Strainers, Duplex Strainers, Pump Protection Products & Fabricated Products