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OPTISONIC 3400 is a new true multipurpose flowmeter for liquids in all industrial processes. Experience the packed benefits with this video.



Optimass 6400 by Krohne

OPTIMASS 6400 The new standard high-performance Coriolis mass flowmeter for the process industry by KROHNE.

Krohne PipePatrol

KROHNE PipePatrol: Pipeline leak detection and localisation system
– The most sensitive internal leak detection system available
– Outstanding reliability due to “Leak Pattern Recognition”
– Highly accurate leak information
– Continuous and robust monitoring in all pipeline operating conditions


Krohne Waterflux

A new standard in water metering.
– Extremely robust metal flow tube with Rilsan® coating
– Suitable for custody transfer
– High accuracy, even for very low flow rates

Optiflexx 2200 from Krohne

The modular TDR level measurement solution. This device is a TDR Level Meter for measuring distance, level, volume and mass. Its modular design makes it an economical and reliable solution for common applications.


Optiwave and Optiflex from Krohne

Microwave Level Measurement

Altosonic III from Krohne

Ultrasonic flowmeter for custody transfer of liquid hydrocarbons. 3-beam Ultrasonic Flowmeter for custody transfer of liquid hydrocarbons
ALTOSONIC III offers decisive advantage over conventional, mechanical flowmeters in custody transfer metering applications.

Optisonic 7300 from Krohne

With OPTISONIC 7300, any process gas flows are always under control: OPTISONIC 7300 is a 2-beam ultrasonic flowmeter that provides excellent long term measurement stability and repeatability. It delivers high performance over a wide flow range: it measures bi-directional from ± 30 m/s (± 90 ft/s) with an accuracy of 1 % of the measuring range. OPTISONIC 7300 can be calibrated either dry or by using air or natural gas.

Batchflux and Optibatch by Krohne

BATCHFLUX, an electomagnetic flowmeter, is the industrial standard for volumetric filling machines.Its zirconium oxide liner guarantees extreme long-term dimensional stability and therefore no change in repeatability of filling volumes over long periods of time. BATCHFLUX has en extreme low energy consumption. For the owner of the filling machine this means lower operation costs.

H250 M40 from Krohne

The new standard solution for the process industry. The H250 M40 flowmeters are setting a new standard in variable area flowmeter technology. They combine tried and tested flow measurement with latest communication capabilities like Foundation Fieldbus.

Optimass Product Family by Krohne

When it comes to Coriolis mass flowmeters, excellent measuring technology should not be a question of budget. That’s why our engineers have developed a cost-effective device, the OPTIMASS 1300, with a whole series of features normally reserved for high-tech devices.